Birth --> School --> what's next?

Optimists say Life.  Pessimists say Work, or perhaps death by student loans. 

Your choices after graduating high school or college aren’t actually that stark – you can strike a fulfilling balance and enjoy both life and work.  Still, you face two big questions: what will you do?  And how will you find your way there?

This book helps you answer those questions.  We sought out and spoke at length with individuals who love their work and lead lives that deeply satisfy them.  We listened to how they found their way to that good, balanced place and amplified it with key findings from psychology and neuroscience.  We distilled this knowledge into its essential wisdom: seven core behaviors that lead to career satisfaction as well as emotional and psychological health. 

Each chapter in this book discusses one of the behaviors that allow you to thrive – not just survive – in the world of work.  Each behavior mirrors aspects of essential brain function, which truly impressed us. (As psychiatrists, of course, we have a special interest in the brain.)  While this isn’t a book about neuroanatomy, we do try to show you briefly why we think it’s no surprise that these specific behaviors lead to fulfillment: your brain is naturally wired to do these things:



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